15 Kasım 2007 Perşembe

Homes.com and Harmon Homes Magazine Merge To Capitalize On Consumers Move to Internet

We have long followed the transition from real estate marketing from print to online and the leader of the online real estate reporting, Inman News, has the scoop on Dominion Enterprises consolidation. Harmon Homes is the ubiquitous home sales magazine found in every supermarket and Chinese restaurant, or at that is where I see them in Atlanta. Homes.com is Dominion’s online brand. The two will merge and combine forces under the Homes.com brand which will help drive traffic to the website for the listings in the book.

This is a smart move, the cost of production for the web properties is next to nothing and real estate agents are moving away from print advertising to the web where the customers are. This way they can move Harmon into the web side and reduce the risk as the market for print advertising subsides all the time allowing the sales force in place to sell Homes.com.

It is great to see a company “get it”.

As a result of the merger, every real estate advertisement placed in any one of the more than 130 now-rebranded Homes.com free print publications also will be displayed on the Homes.com Web site as a basic listing, according to a press statement.
“Integrating Harmon Homes into Homes.com creates a national portal with a neighborhood presence,” Jamie Clymer, vice president and general manager of Homes.com, said in a statement. “We have created an easier path for home buyers to use both print and online resources to find the information they need. This uniquely robust user experience provides consumers in-depth property information and links buyers directly to brokers and agents.” via Inman Real Estate News

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