15 Kasım 2007 Perşembe

150 Million Dollar Condo Deal at New York Cities “The Mark”

New York real estate developer, no not Donald Trump, Leonard Blavanik has reportedly gone to contract on a triplex condo in the Upper East Side condo “The Mark” in New York City. The deal would be the highest price real estate transaction in the country for the year.

The triplex is reported to be 30,000 square feet with 23 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. If this is not all, the condo has a four thousand square feet of patio space. Encompassing 3 stories this must be one majestic property.

The prospective purchaser, sources say, is real-estate magnate Leonard Blavatnik, who is worth $7.2 billion, according to Forbes magazine.
The price would be twice as large as the previous record listing in New York City, and nearly $50 million more than last year’s sale of the De Menil estate in East Hampton, believed to be the priciest residential transaction in the country.
“It’s hard to imagine there’s a real-estate slump when a number like that is being bandied about,” said one wide-eyed real-estate agent. “What could possibly be next.”
The famed hotel at 25 E. 77th St., between Madison and Fifth avenues, is undergoing a gut renovation that, in addition to hotel rooms, will include residential suites and apartments

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Hey, I heard that even Trump was in some trouble with some of his projects. I hope his "Apprentices" can bail out his wig.

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