4 Aralık 2007 Salı

Newspaper Advertising Down, Online Advertising Growing, You Make The Call

Hey Real Estate agents and brokers, are you still having trouble kicking the newspaper advertising habit. Well, don’t be the last one throwing money into dark, grainy pictures and smudged type. It looks from the new numbers released that many are fleeing the newsprint to online.

So if your boss thinks that putting ads in the local papers is still necessary or your customers are begging you to ego list their homes in the paper, here is more ammunition for you.

Total advertising expenditures at newspaper companies were $10.9 billion for the third quarter of 2007, a 7.4% decrease from the same period a year earlier. Spending for print ads in newspapers totaled $10.1 billion, down 9% compared with the third quarter of 2006.

Among the major print components in the third quarter, classified advertising fell 17% to $3.4 billion. Retail declined 4.9% to $5.1 billion, and national was down 2.5%, coming in at $1.7 billion.

Meanwhile online advertising in the newspaper industry is growing by double digits.

You make the call.

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